• “What controls the probability distribution of local wave activity in the midlatitudes?” C. Valva, N. Nakamura; 2021; JGR Atmospheres (in press)

    This paper came (in most part) from my undergraduate thesis, which discussed the controls on distributions of local wave activity (a measure of the meandering of the jetstream) as well as the relation between local wave activity and weather variables. It can be found here.

  • You can find a link to a write up about Böttcher laminations for complex polynomials here and a corresponding javascript applet here to look at laminations when the degree of the polynomial is relatively small. Please email me if anything looks off! (I completed this in a class with Danny Calegari on 1-D complex dynamics and big mapping class groups at the University of Chicago in Winter 2019.)

  • A copy of my (expository) paper on geodesic flow and manifolds of negative curvature is here. It concludes with a proof that geodesic flow on surfaces of negative curvature is ergodic. I completed this work during the 2019 Mathematics REU at the University of Chicago.